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The site ImaWriter.blog was created as an informational resource with free literary content for aspiring writers. The idea of the creators of the site was to open a quality information portal with a clear interface and accessible information on the theory of literature, creative writing, book publishing and marketing in the book industry.

Over time, the functionality of the resource has expanded.

Today ImaWriter.blog is the only literary ecosystem for aspiring writers: an author can read articles, study literature theory, train in writing fiction, publish his/her works, participate in author’s reviews and freely use the portal information services – the site hosts aggregators of literary contests, literary courses, magazines and almanacs, book publishers and events for writers (including poetry slams and festivals). Everything an author in the professional literary community needs is gathered on one site.

ImaWriter.blog is a non-profit project that brings together people who are passionate about the business of literature, seeking knowledge about writing and book publishing. We disseminate the information every author needs to write quality prose and succeed in promoting their texts.

ImaWriter.blog does not lobby for the interests of individuals, book publishers or commercial organizations.