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Blind typing simulators: an overview of programs

Blind typing is a method of typing in which you do not need to look at the keyboard. In this case, all fingers of the hand are involved, so this method of typing is also known as ten-finger typing. An author who is thinking about how to write a book needs to master it as early as possible so that the typing process doesn’t slow down work on the manuscript. We’ve gathered the most popular programs and websites to help aspiring authors who want to learn how to type blindly.

Stamina (Windows, Linux)

Probably the most popular “blind” trainer. Its minimalistic interface is the most convenient for beginners. You can train not only in Russian but also in English and Ukrainian. Switching modes allows the user to choose the training format. Stamina-online is a free, simplified version of the online service. Stamina means “stamina” in English. How long will a user last if every time he makes a mistake he hears the sound of bleating or breaking glass?

2. Ratatype

A handy web-based simulator will not only test skills, but also prompt the correct position of the back, hands and head. Also, the possibility of group training for schoolchildren is presented. After passing it, you can get a certificate confirming that the method of blind printing is mastered. More and more often they are asked to provide copywriters and rewriters.

3. VerseQ (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

A program whose atypical algorithm is based on interaction with letter combinations (“at”, “pre”, “not”, etc.) rather than meaningless repetition of random letters. The developers promise a guaranteed result after just one hour of training.

The simulator is paid – 3 $. You can try the free test version for 7 days. Of the languages currently available are Russian, English and German.

4. Keyboard Solo

The star of domestic software for blind typing. Supports a large number of languages: Russian, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Hebrew and others. At the moment, this choice is available in the corporate version. The online version has access to 5 free trial lessons.

The program has the ability to flexibly customize the settings to suit you. A combination of theory, humor, videos, and interim tests guarantees results within a week of starting lessons.

5. Bombina (Windows).

Not only adults need to learn to type, but also children. It is even better when you can combine business with pleasure: learning and playing.

The program is great for schools: it can simultaneously study and store the results of 500 students. Exercise texts can be modified and created entirely from scratch. And hippos, pythons, parrots and other wildlife will give the right atmosphere.

6. KeyKey (MacOS)

Best Mac keyboard trainer by Lifehacker, available in 11 different languages. The program detects the user’s level and gradually complicates it by adding numbers and different symbols. Statistics in the form of a graph will allow you to track your progress and show the most frequent mistakes. Materials for lessons are words and phrases from books, which will help you to learn the language in parallel.