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Coincidence of Similarity in Writing

What are coincidental similarities?

If there is any similarity to any living person or a dead person then that is pure coincidence ie by chance, it was not intended. “coincidental” means “unintentionally occurring together (or at the same time.”)

How do you write coincidences?

One way to use coincidence and make it work is to have nothing turn on it. Coincidences feel illegitimate when they solve problems. If the story doesn’t benefit from the coincidence, it’s simply pretty and suggestive. Another way to make a coincidence work is to begin a story with it.

What is coincidence in narrative?

A coincidence is something that happens for no obvious reason. No reason means no cause. Basically, we’re getting an effect out of the blue. Usually, this effect is something positive for the character and, as a result, something neither the character nor the author has earned.

What is a good example of a coincidence?

Technically, a coincidence is an occurrence of events that happen at the same time by total accident––like you and a kid from your class at school both visit the Grand Canyon on the same day.

Why do authors use coincidence?

Coincidence is necessary to get a story started, but is often deadly at the end. However, too many authors use it backward: They work hard to get readers to buy into the plausibility of the beginning, but then bring in chance or convenience at the climax—when readers’ coincidence tolerance is at its lowest.

How do you use coincidentally in a sentence?

Coincidentally, after some earlier reforms of procurement quotas and prices, the government opened timber markets in 1985. Coincidentally with rising mass incomes came first radio and then television. Not coincidentally, all of these media depended upon the postal system for the transmission of information and goods.

What is it called when there are too many coincidences?

We’ve all had it happen, a series of signs or events too thought-provoking or emotionally touching to be just coincidence. This amazing phenomenon is called synchronicity.

What does too coincidental meaning?

happening by chance with no cause or reason.

What does the phrase What a coincidence mean?

an occasion when two or more similar things happen at the same time, especially in a way that is unlikely and surprising: You chose exactly the same wallpaper as us – what a coincidence!

What does coincidental meeting mean?

happening by or resulting from coincidence; by chance: a coincidental meeting. existing or occurring at the same time.