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Does it look unprofessional to have my name and all the titles of my website in lower-case?

While it’s generally considered a convention to capitalize the first letter of each word in titles and names, the use of all lower-case letters can be a deliberate stylistic choice. Some individuals and businesses use all lower-case letters to convey a more informal or approachable tone, while others may do so for branding or aesthetic reasons.

Ultimately, whether or not using all lower-case letters for your name and website titles looks unprofessional is subjective and dependent on the context and audience. It’s possible that some people may perceive it as unprofessional, while others may find it refreshing or unique.

If you’re concerned about how your use of all lower-case letters may be perceived, it may be helpful to consider your target audience and brand identity. If you’re targeting a more traditional or formal audience, it may be more appropriate to use capitalization in your titles and name. However, if your brand identity is more casual or unconventional, using all lower-case letters may be a better fit. Ultimately, the most important factor is that your website and branding effectively convey your message and values to your target audience.