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Guidelines for writing Poems, Stories and Tales

How long is original oratory?

ten-minuteten-minute speech on a topic of their choosing. Competitors craft an argument using evidence, logic, and emotional appeals. Topics range widely, and can be informative or persuasive in nature. What is the time limit for Original Oratory? 10 minutes 3. Length: The time limit in Original Oratory is 10 minutes with a 30 second grace […]

Who is the speaker in those winter Sundays?

Our speaker in “Those Winter Sundays” is an adult who looks back on his childhood relationship with his father. In some ways, it’s almost like our speaker is split in two; he’s both the child who fears his father and the adult who looks back upon his pops with love, respect, and understanding. What is […]

Why is it called a poetry slam?

It is performed at events called poetry slams, or simply slams. The name slam came from how the audience has the power to praise or, sometimes, destroy a poem and from the high-energy performance style of the poets. What’s the difference between slam poetry and poetry? A major difference between Slam Poetry and Spoken Word […]

How to come up with a plot for a novel using inversion

Inversion is when everything is the other way around; it’s turning it inside out. In simple terms, it is the rearranging of parts of a whole so that the latter becomes the former. With this technique, you can come up with unusual stories and plot exciting works. Write.pro tells you how to write a book, […]

Blind typing simulators: an overview of programs

Blind typing is a method of typing in which you do not need to look at the keyboard. In this case, all fingers of the hand are involved, so this method of typing is also known as ten-finger typing. An author who is thinking about how to write a book needs to master it as […]

What the reader expects from a novel

About the reader’s secret and obvious desires and expectations while reading. About the disappointments he would not want to face when he looks under the cover or finishes the book. All the things an author knows about when he reads fiction prose, but forgets about when he starts writing it. A post about how to […]

How to write a book: step-by-step instructions

Introduction Many and many have told about how to write a book. Think at least of Aristotle and his followers of later eras, not to mention a huge number of modern authors. Reading these studies is a must for the aspiring author. But reading wise books requires free time, which a city dweller often simply […]