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Guidelines for writing Poems, Stories and Tales

Publishing a book- Age

While you might think you won’t be able to publish a book until you’re 18, that’s not necessarily true. You can self-publish a book at any age.

Better Ways of Showing Fear

The most effective way to portray a character’s fear isn’t to show just their physical responses in the moment. When you sprinkle little snippets of what they’re afraid of throughout the story, the reader will not only know the character is afraid, but will be afraid for the character when the moment of truth arrives.

Urban erotica and authors

Popular Urban Erotica G-Spot by Noire. ISBN: 9780345486875. … What They Want by Omar R. Tyree. … My Woman His Wife by Anna J. ISBN: 9781933967578. … Soulmates Dissipate by Mary B. … Threesome by Brenda L. … Baby Brother by 50 Cent. … Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless by Kiki Swinson; Noire. … […]

Giving credit when quoting

Give the author of the material credit by ” documenting” or ” citing” your sources (terms which mean you credit your source). Give credit whenever you use a direct quote by placing it in quotation marks and giving the author credit. Give credit within a research paper through footnotes or parenthetical remarks.