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What was the main reason the Puritans migrated to New England?

Puritans felt that they had a direct covenant with God to enact these reforms. Under siege from Church and crown, certain groups of Puritans migrated to Northern English colonies in the New World in the 1620s and 1630s, laying the foundation for the religious, intellectual and social order of New England. What caused the Puritan […]

Why did Emily Dickinson Write Success is counted sweetest?

What is the message in the poem? Message is the thing that encourages poets to create poetry. The message can be found after knowing the meaning of poetry. Message or advice is captured by readers as the impression after reading the poem. How the reader to conclude message poetry is closely related to the point […]

How many syllables are in the word police?

Is police 1 or 2 syllables? Wondering why police is 2 syllables? Contact Us! Where is the stress in the word police? It is possible to put the main stress on the first syllable of police in some varieties of English. When the first syllable of police is stressed, the vowel is not a schwa. […]

What does Hopkins believe about the presence of God in the natural world?

The Manifestation of God in Nature He found nature inspiring and developed his theories of inscape and instress to explore the manifestation of God in every living thing. According to these theories, the recognition of an object’s unique identity, which was bestowed upon that object by God, brings us closer to Christ. How does Hopkins […]

Do peace lilies attract bugs?

Spent flowers and foliage also attract pests. Watch for pests. While peace lilies aren’t often attacked by pests, they can occasionally succumb to troublemakers like scale insects, mealybugs, and spider mites. Why does my peace lily keep getting gnats? Peace lilies prefer soil that is evenly moist, so don’t allow the soil to dry so […]

What is the last tale in The Canterbury Tales?

The Parson’s Tale, the final of the 24 stories in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey ChaucerGeoffrey ChaucerGeoffrey Chaucer is considered one of the first great English poets. He is the author of such works as The Parlement of Foules, Troilus and Criseyde, and The Canterbury Tales. Humorous and profound, his writings show him to be […]

Who wrote No man is an island entire of itself?

poet John DonneJohn Donne, writing in the 17th century, famously wrote that “no man is an island,” comparing people to countries, and arguing for the interconnectedness of all people with God. What does John Donne mean by no man is an island? “No Man Is an Island” Themes Donne argues that every human being is […]

Who is Seamus Heaney Beowulf?

Seamus Heaney (1939-2013) received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995. His poems, plays, translations, and essays include Opened Ground, Electric Light, Beowulf, The Spirit Level, District and Circle, and Finders Keepers. Robert Lowell praised Heaney as the “most important Irish poet since Yeats.” Why did Seamus Heaney translation Beowulf? Heaney writes that part of […]

What word rhymes with rhythm?

Words that rhyme with rhythm bosom bottom stratagem strum substratum swum thralldom tiresome transom truism What are 5 words that rhyme? Rhyming Words List Cat – Sat – Bat. Ball – Fall – Tall. Right – Kite – Height. Owl – Towel – Growl. Bore – Four – Roar. Rock – Chalk – Hawk. One […]

Which excerpt from Thomas Hardy Ah Are You Digging on My Grave most clearly?

What does the poem Ah Are You Digging on My Grave tell you about Hardy’s view of human life and relationship? The Human Condition Despite its not-so-subtle humor, Thomas Hardy’s “Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave?” paints a bleak picture of human nature. Human feelings, according to the poem, are utterly transient. Death means […]