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What was the main idea of Seamus Heaney’s poems?

The most important element of Heaney’s poetry is that he is lover of history and feels pleasure in describing it. Many poems of Seamus Heaney revolve around historical prospective of Irish society. He prefers to illustrate history, which is related to Irishmen and their heroic tales. He knows their grieves and sorrows. What are the […]

What is sound symbolism in linguistics?

Sound symbolism refers to the non-arbitrary mappings that exist between phonetic properties of speech sounds and their meaning. Despite there being an extensive literature on the topic, the acoustic features and psychological mechanisms that give rise to sound symbolism are not, as yet, altogether clear. What is sound symbolism examples? In linguistics, sound symbolism is […]

What line does Beowulf rip Grendel’s arm off?

The quote “Everyone felt it who heard that cry as it echoed off the wall, a God-cursed scream and strain on catastrophe, the howl of the loser, the lament of the hell-serf keening his wound”(pg 1649, lines 783-787) shows that Grendel was severely wounded right after Beowulf tore off his arm. How did Beowulf rip […]

What genre is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

Romantic literature Creator Samuel Taylor Coleridge Published 1798 Forms Poem Genre Romantic literature Literary period Romantic Which literary genre does The Rime of the Ancient Mariner best fit? Along with other poems in Lyrical Ballads, it is often considered a signal shift to modern poetry and the beginning of British Romantic literature. Is The Rime […]

What is the meaning of the poem Hawk Roosting?

‘Hawk Roosting’ is a poem that puts the reader into the imagined mind of a hawk about to rest up for the day. It’s a monologue of a raptor given the powers of human thinking, thus personified. It is a typical Ted HughesTed HughesEdward James Hughes OM OBE FRSL (17 August 1930 – 28 October […]

How many episodes of Beowulf are there?

How many seasons of Beowulf were there? two seasons There are only two seasons of Beowulf. The first season is a little over an hour long and the second season is a little over two hours long. Is Beowulf animated movie? Beowulf is a 2007 British-American 3D computer-animated fantasy action film directed and co-produced by […]

Why should students learn figurative language?

Figurative language makes communication poetic and beautiful Figurative language makes communication and language beautiful, colorful, and vivid. It adds a poetic style to speaking and writing that can’t be conveyed any other way. Children who learn figurative language will exercise their creativity and imaginations. Why is it important for students to learn about figurative language? […]

What does Plath reveal about herself in mirror?

Written from the point of view of a personified mirror, the poem explores Plath’s own fears regarding aging and death. The mirror insists that it objectively reflects the truth—a truth that greets the woman who looks in the mirror each day as a “terrible” reminder of her own mortality. What is the message of mirror […]

What is a griot Why were they important?

A griot is a West African storyteller, singer, musician, and oral historian. They train to excel as orators, lyricists and musicians. The griot keeps records of all the births, deaths, marriages through the generations of the village or family. What were the griot and why were they important to African civilization? Griots were an important […]

Why are Jayingee and Albert not friends?

Are AlbertsStuff and Jayingee still friends? Despite them parting ways, they have became friends but don’t do collabs as Jake was somewhat replaced by Kaden. On March 10th, 2020, a video called Albert plays ROBLOX with JAYINGEE was made where Albert and Jake finally reunite after a year and decide to play Apocalypse Rising 2. […]