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Scrivener: marking multiple (non-adjacent) phrases in a manuscript with same footnote?

Asked by: Amy Rios

Can you use footnotes in Scrivener?

Use footnotes for notes to yourself

Scrivener supports two notes streams – inline and Inspector linked footnotes – either of which can be used to form endnotes and the numbering of these are also handled during the Compile process.

How do I change the footnote style in Scrivener?

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Linked footnote: Double-click the text in the Comments & Footnotes pane to enter Edit mode, and then make your changes. Inline footnote: Click in the gray bubble in the Editor and make changes, as needed. The gray box around an inline footnote is simply a special type of formatting.

How do you insert a footnote in Scrivener?

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  1. Select the position where you want the footnote number to appear in your manuscript text.
  2. Choose Format⇒Footnote. …
  3. Type your footnote text in the Footnote text box that appears in the Comments & Footnotes pane.

How do I change line spacing in Scrivener?

Set Scrivener’s default line spacing

Open the Editing tab, then the Formatting tab at the top of the Editing panel. You will see a settings window just like the one you used in setting Project Settings. Set the line spacing that you wish to be the default for any future projects here.

What is an inline footnote in Scrivener?

Inline footnotes. Inline footnotes place the footnote text in its entirety within the manuscript, surrounded by a gray box. Inline footnotes are best if you want to be able to view them immediately with the text they reference or don’t want to have to use the mouse to access their contents.

What is an inline annotation in Scrivener?

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Inline annotations are notes inserted directly into the text of your document. You can put them anywhere, even in the middle of a sentence, if desired. You can use inline annotations when you want the notes to be highly visible, right there on the page.

How do you double space in Scrivener?

You go to the document where you want to apply that the double spacing. And then you hit ctrl f or command f on the mac.