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Top 8 Apps for writers

New technologies have brought interesting tools in the form of mobile applications that allow us to know the weather, create shopping lists, or help you compose songs. Of course, these facilities are also available to writers working on their manuscript.

At Deertales, we know all the stages of the book writing process. And for that reason, we bring you a series of Apps for writers that will help you in your publishing adventure and that will be very useful to you that we have tested and with which we have worked directly. A vision that today we share with you.

Best apps for writers

There are a number of mobile applications that have been developed especially for writers. They solve problems ranging from help in finding inspiration to tools for making notes and not forgetting everything the muses told us when they inspired us by surprise.

There is a range of free and paid tools for different operating systems. The important thing is that you find the one that can help you the most in the phase of the publishing process you are in.

iDeas for writing

iDeas for writing is an App. Developed for authors on Apple’s operating system for terminals, it invites us to face our creative block and to say “enough” to that soft page. An application that serves as an emergency literary workshop and with which you can work on your imagination.

This application is useful:

  • Generator of first lines
  • Creates interesting titles
  • It suggests interesting personalities for your novel
  • It can give you very useful random words to start a text.
  • It has a writing exercise workshop
  • Tips that will be useful for you as a writer
  • It also has a text and idea organizer.

Word (for IOS and Android)

If there is an app that relates to writing, that’s Word. A Microsoft creation that offers numerous office automation options such as spell check, or simply a blank canvas on which to begin to capture the creativity in these sheets to write.

Both the Android and iOS versions are free. So you will no longer have an excuse when it comes to having a space in which to work on your texts. Also, keep in mind that applications for writers can also be used on screens such as tablets, so if you incorporate a keyboard, you will have a terminal very easy to carry and from which to write.

Google Keep

Have you ever been walking down the street, stopped for a coffee, or were on the couch and inspiration struck you? The truth is that in these moments you miss a notebook and a pen with which to remember this idea. With Google Keep you’ll always have a place to go if the muses strike you.

This application for writers is also available for iOS and Android devices and offers its services completely free of charge.


In recent times artificial intelligence has shown us that it is capable of great challenges that, until now, were thought to be exclusive to humans. Can we reach the point where a technology can write its own book? At the moment, the attempts are just that, tests. But it is possible to rely on these advances as starting points.

This is the case of the web app for writers Ryte. A tool based on GPT-3 technology that allows you to create basic texts from an idea. For example, you could tell it that you want a story about a group of thieves escaping from prison, and this artificial intelligence will provide you with a story that you can improve or complement.

IA Writer

How many ideas can you have in a day, are they all related, do you think they are independent inspirations? Let IA Writer, a very useful application for writers, tell you how wrong you are.

Its operation is very simple: you indicate several notes, and from these texts it is able to put together an idea common to all of them. A great idea to create the storyboard of your book from this tool. Both for Android and IOS its version is paid, however it is a great investment if you can’t find a way to put in order all the ideas that have occurred to you.


If you are an Apple user and you think that Microsoft Word does not offer you what you are looking for, we introduce you to Ulysses. A text app for writers that you can use on Mac, iPad or iPhone.

One of the great advantages of this application is its cloud synchronization, which will allow you to work on the same manuscript across different screens. For example, let’s say you’ve come up with a great idea on the bus. With Ulysses you will be able to open the text document where you are working, jot down this thought, and then polish it at home.

It should also be noted that the basis of the Ulysses application is the markdown language, that is, it allows the author to create texts that facilitate reading, facilitating the addition of bold, italics and other elements that have the ultimate goal of reducing distractions.


Do you find it hard to get organized with so many ideas? Maybe what you need is an application that works with concept maps, and in that case Miro can help you with this app. It offers a virtual whiteboard where you can sort all the concepts that revolve around your manuscript and its plot. A great advantage, especially if you are working on a novel.

In addition, Miro offers you several templates to create your concept map and a hierarchical system with which you can, for example, establish hierarchies between different elements. It should be noted that you’ll be able to work with this tool both from Android and iOS, as well as access all these schemes from your computer thanks to the file in your account.


Detecting spelling mistakes is easy thanks to office processors. However, detecting grammatical errors can be more difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you use applications such as Grammarly, with which you can write pieces of text and discover possible mistakes that might otherwise be overlooked.

This way, you will not only have a corrective eye on your texts, but you will also discover errors that you might have overlooked. You can find both an Android version and a version developed for iOS.