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What did Puritan writing focus on?

Puritans didn’t believe in writing for entertainment; rather, they thought of writing as a tool to reach people with the story of God. Works focused on realistic messages illustrating the idea that everyone was born a sinner and that his or her salvation had been pre-determined, a concept known as predestination.

What was the focus of Puritan writing?

Puritan writers wrote to find spiritual meaning in the events of their lives and their relationship with God. Their writing style, therefore, often tends toward the introspective and spiritual as they engage in deep self-searching and metaphysical reasoning.

What is Puritan style of writing?

Scholarly Definition: The Puritan Plain Style is a type of writing in which uncomplicated sentences and ordinary words are used to make simple, direct statements. This style was favored by the Puritans who wanted to express themselves clearly, in accordance with their religious beliefs.

What are three characteristics of Puritan literature?

What are the characteristics of Puritan Literature?

  • diary entries.
  • biblical allusions.
  • simplistic writing style–no imagery or figures of speech.
  • certain in their beliefs.
  • many small details.
  • historical accounts.
  • purpose of writing is to document history and reveal the glory of God.
  • long sentences, very plain.

What types of texts did Puritans write?

Puritan writing is primarily made up of sermons, poetry, and historical narratives, but Puritan writers created very little fiction. Much like their lifestyles, Puritans used simple, straightforward sentences when writing.

What were some characteristics of Puritan writing?

Puritan authors used direct and simple language and sentence structure to convey their point, shunning the more elaborate style of writing that was popular in many circles at the time. Puritan literature relied on Biblical allusions.

What are the main characteristics of the literature of Puritan period?

Puritan Age Literature Themes
The common themes include religious and political idealism. There is also an insistence on practicalism and pragmatism of day to day life. The religious discourse emphasizes the concept of predestination and inevitability of sin and a strong sense of guilt and shame.

What is an example of Puritan literature?

William Bradford’s Of Plymouth Plantation. Anne Bradstreet’s “To My Dear and Loving Husband” and “Upon the Burning of Our House” Edward Taylor’s “Huswifery” Jonathan Edwards’s “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”

What is the concept of Puritanism in English literature?

Puritanism is behaviour or beliefs that are based on strict moral or religious principles, especially the principle that people should avoid physical pleasures. [disapproval] …the tight-lipped puritanism of the Scottish literary world. Synonyms: strictness, austerity, severity, zeal More Synonyms of puritanism.

What were the major themes in colonial and Puritan literature quizlet?

Terms in this set (26)

  • Basic Puritan beliefs (TULIP) (1) Total depravity (2) Unconditional election (3) Limited Atonement (4) Irresistible grace (5) Perseverance of the “saints”
  • Total depravity. …
  • Unconditional election. …
  • Limited atonement. …
  • Irresistible grace. …
  • Grace. …
  • Perseverance of the saints. …
  • The Function of Puritan Writers.

What are some common themes found in colonial literature?

Major Themes:

  • will and work.
  • relationship between humans and nature.
  • differences between European and Native American culture.
  • spiritual feelings.
  • entertainment.
  • political.

When was the Puritan literary period?


Puritan Literature 1620-1728. Puritans’ religious beliefs affected their lives on all levels, and their writing illustrated their religion’s values, such as the importance of the church and the influence of God in their lives.

What are the main features of colonial literature?

Characteristics: The Colonial period was dominated by Puritan beliefs and thus literature of this period is usually historical, religious, or didactic. The first slave narratives were written at this time. Imaginative literature was rare; in some colonies, it was banned for being immoral.

What is the specific feature of colonial literature?

Narrative Focus
Colonial American literature is characterized by the narrative, which was used extensively during this period. Most of the literary works of this genre are composed of letters, journals, biographies and memoirs.

What is the main theme of colonialism?

The literature of Colonialism is characterized by a strong sense of ambiguity: uncertainty about the morality of imperialism, about the nature of humanity, and about the continuing viability of European civilization.

What is colonial text literature?

Typically, “colonial literature” refers to a work written during a period of time when one country was actively participating in the colonization or imperialistic exploitation of another geographic area.

What are the 3 characteristics of early American and colonial literature?

The three characteristics of American Literature include – plot of decline, indifferent of nature, 3rd person omniscient reaction to romanticism and surrealism.

What did early American literature focus on?

The earliest characteristics of American literature was that of oral story telling by the Native American Indians. They used stories, songs, chants, riddles, myths, and legends to pass down the traditions and experiences of their tribes. They also used drawing and carvings to describe some of the events.

What is the focus of American literature?

American literature is the product of a diversity of peoples, regions, philosophies, and ways of life. Beyond the intrinsic pleasure and usefulness of knowing more about the history of this literature, a focus in American literature or American studies can benefit undergraduates in several ways.

What are the 5 major themes of American literature?

loss of innocence/coming of age
ignorance to knowledge. innocence to experience. false view of world to correct view.

What is Anglo American literature?

It is often used alone, somewhat loosely, to refer to people of British Isles descent in The Americas, New Zealand and Australia. Anglo is a Late Latin prefix used to denote English. The word is derived from Anglia, the Latin name for England, and still the modern name of its eastern region.

What are the four main themes of contemporary literature?

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  • Identity.
  • History and Memory.
  • Technology.
  • Intertextuality.