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What is the listeners by Walter de la Mare about?

‘The Listeners’ by Walter de la Mare describes the actions of a Traveller who knocks on at the door of a seemingly deserted home at night. The poem begins with the speaker designing the Traveller and his horse. They are at the door of a house on which the Traveller is knocking.

What is the main message of the poem the listeners?

The theme of the poem is the place of man in a universe which is far greater than he, and which he can neither connect with nor understand. It focuses on man’s state of isolation and disharmony with the natural world.

Who are the listeners in the poem Why are they so called?

Why were they called so? Answer: The phantoms dwellers of the house are the listeners. They are called “listeners” because they only listen.

What was strange about the listeners?

(b) What was strange about ‘them’? Answer: The strange about them was there was no movement and everything was still in the house.

What did the Traveller tell to the unknown listeners?

5. The traveller left the message for the inhabitants by asking them to tell that he had come and kept his promise. 6. These two creatures, the bird and the horse, create and add an element of mystery, spookiness making the atmosphere eerie.

What does the word host suggest about the listeners?

“A host of phantom listeners” might mean ghosts are hosting the man as a visitor. On the other hand, “a host” might reference a number. “A host” of something means a large number. The line from the poem could mean there are a lot of ghosts in the house.

What kind of feeling does the poem listeners create?

Answer: Answer: The poem creates a mystical, lonely, strange and eerie feeling.

Who were The Listeners answer?

Solution. The listeners were the phantom or ghosts who lived in the lonely house.

Who is the Traveller in The Listeners poem?

Our Traveller is alone, horse notwithstanding. His alienation is emphasized by the fact that he is called ‘lonely. ‘ When he calls out, and knows the listeners hear him but don’t respond, he feels ‘in his heart their strangeness.

Why do you think The Listeners did not answer the door?

In the poem ‘The Listeners’, how did the traveller feel as he repeatedly knocked on the door? Answer: As he repeatedly knocked on the door but received no response, the traveller sensed an eerie atmosphere and came to the realisation that no one was going to answer the door.

What message does the speaker live in the poem listeners?

What message does the speaker leave in the poem the listeners? The message that the traveler leaves to “the listeners” of the house is that he came to the house exactly like he said he would. The answer to this question can be found within the final third of the poem. The traveler has arrived at a lone house.

What impression do you gather about the Traveller from the poet?

Answer. Answer: Even though the poem ends ambiguously with no clear action on the traveler’s part, readers get the impression that his repetition of “miles to go before [he sleeps]” serves as an attempt to restart his important trek.

Did the traveler Realise that someone was listening to him?

Answer: yes! he realized that there was someone listening to him..