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Writing a Platonic Relationship

How do you write a platonic relationship?

Think about your own platonic (non-romantic) friendships. Practice writing those scenes. Describe the last time you hung out with one or more of your friends to whom you are not attracted. Write about how it feels and what you did.

Is kissing allowed in a platonic relationship?

Platonic Boundaries

Don’t engage in physical contact beyond casual intimacy (i.e., avoid things like handholding, kissing, or “friends-with-benefits” situations)

Can you Platonically fall in love with someone?

Platonic love involves deep affection, but no romantic or sexual attraction. It’s absolutely possible for people of any gender to maintain a friendship without sexual tension or attraction. When you love someone platonically, you might notice some basic signs of love.

Can platonic soulmates be lovers?

A platonic soulmate is a unique, bonding relationship. It is possible not to be romantically involved with someone and still feel a deep connection and feeling of understanding. Remember, a platonic soulmate is not a friend with benefits, someone either of you has friend-zoned, a rebound, or a crush.

Can platonic cuddle?

Samantha Hess, the organizer of the first ever cuddling convention, demonstrates a series of platonic cuddling positions. For this position, one person lies on their side with knees slightly bent while the other rests their head on the other’s knees. Hess says this position provides a sense of security and protection.

Is platonic love rare?

Platonic love relationships are rare, although they are beginning to be more common in today’s society. Platonic friendship can be beneficial to both parties in ways that romantic love cannot be.

Can platonic friends kiss on lips?

Platonic lip kissing is found in cultures around the world, between friends, family, and sometimes even strangers as a means of greeting,” says Allison Moon, author of “Girl Sex 101.”

Do platonic friends sleep together?

Don’t be fooled by the word “platonic” – it just means nothing physical happened, including kissing and sex. At the end of the day, if you got into bed with someone you’re attracted to, chances are it still means something, even if you did nothing but sleep side by side.

Is platonic love cheating?

Is platonic love cheating? Platonic love is not cheating. If there’s platonic love between two friends, it doesn’t mean that either person is cheating on their partner if they have one.

How do you write a platonic letter?

To a friend:

  1. I cherish all our fun memories together. Remember when… [write about your favorite memory together]
  2. You can always come to me for anything and I’ll be here for you.
  3. You deserve the world.
  4. Thank you for fully accepting me for who I am.
  5. I will forever support you and am rooting for you in this life.

What are some examples of platonic intimacy?

-Platonic intimacy may include touching, although not sexual. Embracing and cuddling are a few examples. Some people may feel that their level of platonic intimacy improved after physical contact. It’s possible that platonic intimacy improved from feelings of trust, safety, compassion, or all three.

Is a platonic relationship dating?

A platonic relationship is a relationship between friends, and while these relationships can be loving, they are not physically intimate. It’s possible that you may find yourself in a platonic relationship, even if you have romantic feelings for the other person.