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Writing a programming book: how to present directory structures

How do you describe the structure of a directory?

What is directory structure? The directory structure is the organization of files into a hierarchy of folders. It should be stable and scalable; it should not fundamentally change, only be added to. Computers have used the folder metaphor for decades as a way to help users keep track of where something can be found.

How many types of directory structure are there?

What are the various structures of a directory? Single-level directory, Two-level directory, Tree-structured directory, Acyclic-graph directory and General-graph directory.

How do I create a folder in logical hierarchy?

Follow these five steps to set up the folder hierarchy.

  1. Define the Structure. The first step in setting up the folder hierarchy is deciding the hierarchy for the folder or directory tree.
  2. Name and Describe the Folders.
  3. Define Folder Security.
  4. Create the Hierarchy.
  5. Set the Mount Points.