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How to call sub-genre of my fantasy?

What is a fantasy subgenre?

Falling under speculative fiction, the fantasy genre is recognised for its fictional worlds and universes, often inspired by real-life myths and folklore. Fantasy is different to other genres in that it lacks scientific or macabre themes, though its subgenres overlap.

What sub genre of fantasy is Harry Potter?

The novels fall into the genre of fantasy literature, and qualify as a type of fantasy called “urban fantasy”, “contemporary fantasy”, or “low fantasy”.

What is alternative fantasy?

Set in an alternative or “secondary” world, as opposed to the real or “primary” world. High fantasies feature very detailed and intricately plotted worlds with their own specific set of magical rules and laws.

What are the subgenres of low fantasy?

Fantasy genres such as urban fantasy, historical fantasy, time slip, dark fantasy, superhero, contemporary fantasy, magical realism, and paranormal fantasy all fall under the category of low fantasy.

What are the 4 types of fantasy?

Mendlesohn posits four categories of fantasy—portal-quest, immersive, intrusion, and liminal—that arise out of the relationship of the protagonist to the fantasy world.

What are the 5 subgenres?

This genre is often broken up into five subgenres: fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, mystery, and science fiction. Nonetheless, there are more than just five types of fiction, ranging from romance to graphic novels.

Can you write fantasy without magic?

Can You Have Fantasy Without Magic? The simple answer to this question is: Yes, of course. The concept of fantasy books might be hard to define, but it doesn’t have to be. Fantasy is just things that are not real.

Is magical realism a sub genre?

Personally, my definition of fantasy has always been any fiction that contains fantastical or mythical elements; which, if we are basing our definition purely on that concept, magical realism is definitely a sub-genre of the big fantasy umbrella.

What are the three types of fantasy?

Steampunk, a genre which is sometimes a kind of fantasy, with elements from the 19th century steam technology (historical fantasy and science fantasy both overlap with it) Sword and sorcery, adventures of sword-wielding heroes, generally more limited in scope than epic fantasy. Urban fantasy, set in a city.

What is an example of a subgenre?

One popular action subgenre is the martial-arts film, but our classification doesn’t have to end there. Within the martial-arts genre, we can further divide films into kung fu and wuxia films, amongst others.

How many subgenres of fantasy are there?

Here are 18 particularly important subgenres within the world of fantasy: 1. Dystopian fantasy: Sometimes grouped in with science fiction, speculative fiction, and literary fiction, dystopian fantasies imagine worlds gone wrong.

What are the characteristics of fantasy subgenre?

The key element of the fantasy fiction genre is magic. Fantasy novels may be romantic, historical, action-packed or all three, but the element of magic is what sets this genre apart from all the others. Fairy tales, myths, and legends are part of the fantasy genre.