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The latest trend on the net: writing backwards

It is becoming increasingly difficult for a writer to stand out on social networks in the face of the large number of authors trying to disseminate their literary works, phrases and quotes. However, there is a new phenomenon that in other countries is beginning to gain followers among writers on social networks and that sooner or later will eventually reach Spain. It is about writing backwards or, for you to understand it well: sǝʌǝɹ lɐ ɹıqıɹɔsǝ. You only have to turn the screen around to see that that bold sentence that looks unreadable is text rotated 180 degrees.

Imagine you are on the Twitter timeline. As it leaves neither bold nor italics, the texts look all the same, the way to highlight is the capital letters, but they are considered bad manners as they are understood as shouting. The other way to highlight is through “hashtags” or labels, but everyone uses them. If suddenly a text written upside down appears, you will surprise the user and he will end up looking at your publication, maybe in your profile and even end up accessing your website or your book.

This is not the only way to write backwards, you could also write backwards by turning the text in mirror mode or even writing from right to left as Leonardo Da Vinci did.

How to write backwards?

The best of all is that writing backwards and sharing these texts is very easy. There are several applications and websites that make writing backwards very easy. You type the text and automatically the same text written backwards appears in another window.

Website where to write backwards

Fliptext https://fliptext.net/

Very easy to use. There are two windows, in one you write and in the other you see the text upside down. You can copy and paste in any social network, word processor, blog…

You have to choose between these and other applications, the four options we give you are quite effective. Now it’s up to you to try to surprise with your text upside down, be original and take it to Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp or anywhere, you can combine it with upside down text or images and even try with some “hashtag” upside down. You’ll throw a lot of people off the scent and someone might even think they have a problem with their device.

Geniuses who wrote backwards

There are people of relevance who wrote backwards. The best known case was Leonardo da Vinci who had all his notes written backwards, although not in the ways we have seen. His mania was to write from right to left, which earned him the reputation of a sorcerer.

Leonardo da Vinci writes backwards

With manuscripts and publications in social networks written backwards Will anyone dare to write backwards in a book? If you want to know the process of publishing a book, please contact us, although we have no experience in the case of publishing books backwards, but who knows in the future.