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Are there any corporate publishers that still accept neat handwritten manuscripts?

Asked by: Michelle Stracener

Can I submit a handwritten manuscript to a publisher?

The criterion by which publishers decide to publish a facsimile of a handwritten text is that the physical object of the paper with the writing on it is a piece of art and not simply a container of narrative. Narrative text can be rendered in any script and is not dependent on the handwriting.

Do publishers accept printed manuscripts?

These publishers accept manuscripts directly from writers. As is the case with most publishers that don’t require an agent, they have a narrow focus. But, if your work falls into the categories they publish, you will have a good chance of having your proposal read.

Can a manuscript be handwritten?

The noun manuscript evolved from the Latin manu scriptus, meaning “written by hand.” Manu is “hand” and scriptus is “to write.” It refers to old documents actually written by hand before books were made, but it can also refer to a writer’s unpublished work whether it’s handwritten or typed.

Do publishers accept unfinished manuscripts?

Instead take your time; publishers will still be there when you finish the book. Only established authors can shop unfinished manuscripts. Publishers aren’t going to take a chance on a novel that’s not finished by an unknown author.

Do any major publishers accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Not necessarily. Although the major traditional publishers do not accept unsolicited proposals or manuscripts, many smaller publishers do, including a modest number of imprints of major publishers. (An imprint is a “division” of a larger publisher.)