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What are negative sentences examples?

Most often, a negative sentence is formed simply by the addition of ‘not’ to the verb in the sentence.

For example:

  • I do not have an extra pencil to lend you.
  • She does not know anything about the change in the seating allocation.
  • They did not participate in the science quiz competition.

What is the negative form?

: one of a pair of congruent crystal forms that together correspond to a single form in a crystal class of higher symmetry.

How do you frame negative sentences?

We make negatives by putting not after the first part of the verb:

  1. They are not working hard. They will not be working hard.
  2. They aren’t working hard. They won’t be working hard.
  3. I don’t have much time. She doesn’t have any money.
  4. I haven’t much time. She hasn’t any money.
  5. He told us not to make so much noise.

What are 10 examples of negative sentences?

List of Negative Sentences

  • I am not flying to England.
  • That isn’t the way to Nashville.
  • They are not from Ecuador.
  • He wasn’t eating white rice.
  • We were not sad when he moved away.
  • They don’t practice yoga.
  • She did not like Bikhram yoga.
  • He doesn’t have to commute to work.

What is the negative of am?

Negative Forms Contractions

All the forms of the verb to be + not have contractions except for the form am; am in negative always stays am not.

Does Tambien mean me too?

The answer is that “Yo tambien.” (también) means: “Me too” or “Me also”. And then “A mí tambien.” (también) means: “To me too.” or “To me also.”

Is however a negative word?

“However” orders positive information before negative, whereas “nevertheless” is used with the opposite ordering, negative before positive.

Is nobody a negative word?

The most frequently used negative words are no, not, nothing, never, none, no one, nowhere, neither, and nobody. There are some words which have a negative element in their meanings although they contain no overly negative affix. These words are: hardly, scarcely, barely, etc.

Is seldom a negative word?

Some adverbs (e.g. hardly, little, never, only, scarcely and seldom) have a negative meaning.

What is negative sentence structure?

The sentence structure of an “any” word negative sentence is: Subject + auxiliary verb + “not” + main verb + “any” word + object[s]. Here are some examples of “not + any” negative sentences. Mary isn’t going to eat any dinner.

What are 10 examples of affirmative sentence?

Examples of Affirmative Sentences

  • I have a puppy.
  • My brother bought fifty varieties of fighter fish.
  • There is a three-storeyed house in the corner of the street.
  • Manu is the new manager.
  • Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
  • My phone has two displays.
  • The teacher gave us our marksheets.

What are 10 examples of negative interrogatives?

Negative interrogative “yes/no” questions usually imply that the speaker expects the answer to be (or believes the answer should be) “yes.” For example: “Don’t you have a dollar?”

Yes/No questions

  • “Do you have a dollar?”
  • “Are you aware of the consequences of your actions?”
  • “Have you seen my wallet?”