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Front Matter in a Work in Two Volumes?

Asked by: Leon Krsmanovic

How do you organize your front matter?

1) Front matter elements in order. Book half-title page: A half-title page displays only the main title of the book, excluding all other information. Series-title page or frontispiece: A series title page lists the series title and volume number, and may list other books in the series.

How do you number the front matter in a book?

Page numbering for book front matter

Normally, every front matter element except the frontispiece and copyright page should appear, or begin, on a right-hand (recto) page. And even though most of the pages do not show a page number (folio), they’re all counted in lowercase roman numerals.

What order does front matter go in?

The front matter is a section in the beginning of a book. The front matter in a book consists of: the title page (which includes copyright information, the ISBN number, etc.), the dedication, the epigraph, table of contents, acknowledgements, the foreword, the preface, the introduction, and the prologue.

What is the front matter of a document?

Front matter is all the information that is placed at the beginning of the document. It includes the title of the document, name of the author(s), and date of publication.

Which of the following items can often be found in the front matter of a book?

Front matter sections include covers, title pages, tables of contents, lists of figures, prefaces, and glossaries. Back matter sections include endnotes (or works cited pages), appendixes, and indexes.

What is front and back matter?

“Front matter” and “back matter” are terms used to describe the first and last pages of a book (but not the actual story or body content of the book). This includes pages like: table of contents, copyright, bio, etc.

What is the difference between a preface and a forward?

A foreword is written by someone other than the author and tells the readers why they should read the book. A preface is written by the author and tells readers how and why the book came into being.

How do you make the front matter in Word?

Select View > Header and Footer. Use the Switch between Header and Footer button on the toolbar to activate the footer. If you don’t have page numbers yet, position the insertion point where you want them, then click the Insert Page Number button. Click the Show Next button on the toolbar to go to the second section.

How do you create a document with front matter numbered separately in Word?

How to set up a document with front matter numbered separately in Word 2007 and above

  1. Step 1: Separate the main document from the front matter. …
  2. Step 2: Insert page numbering in the main document. …
  3. Step 3: Insert page numbering in the front matter. …
  4. Step 4: Fine-tuning number placement.

What should be included in the front matter of a report?

Front Matter: Front matter is created after the body and back matter of the report. Front matter is the first portion of the report and contains the title page, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, forward, preface, and list of abbreviations and symbols.

What is the purpose of front matter in a technical document?

The front matter is the “envelope” of your document. The elements that make up the front matter introduce the reader to the body of your document. They help the reader understand a document’s who, what, why, where, and how–the author, problem, argument, organization, and method.