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Is it sometimes okay to info dump to enhance your story even if it’s not necessary to the plot

What is considered an info dump?

Info dumping is what happens when the author gives the reader a massive amount of background information in a matter of pages instead of letting the story unfold.

How to info dump without info dumping?

The key technique to avoid info dumping is to introduce just as much info as the reader needs, when they need it. That could mean sprinkling info across lots of different sections — or missing out some bits altogether.

What should you not do when writing a story?

Nine Common Fiction Writing Mistakes

  1. Beginning the story too early. Many writers start their stories before the interesting part.
  2. Leaving out the plot.
  3. Letting the characters off too easily.
  4. Being unwilling to make things up.
  5. Muddying point of view.
  6. Rushing.
  7. Using incorrect format.
  8. Playing it safe.

Why plot is important in the story?

The plot ensures that every important element of the story is in place to make sense to the reader and keep the story moving. It also contains the conflict or problem that the main characters must tackle in order to reach their happy ending. Every compelling story, even a short story, will have a plot.

When should you info dump?

Information dumps are when we tell readers things we think they need to know, but we’re not sharing the information as part of the story. In other words, an info dump is like pressing pause on the story to give more information.

How do you know if you’re infodumping?

You can see that the information being dumped is stuff that the reader could not know only by being immersed in the actions of the protagonist and other characters in the scene. Another red flag indicator of an info-dump is that it lacks emotional content.

What does Infodump mean in ADHD?

“Info dumping,” or talking about an interest or passion, usually in detail and at length, is frequent in both ADHD and autism. In ADHD, the impulsivity plus passion equals a “spilling” kind of feeling, and the motor behind it can feel as if it’s whirring.

What is a synonym for Infodump?

synonym ▲ Synonym: expository lump.

How do you dump ideas?

The principle behind taking an idea dump is that you sit down with your notebook, or laptop or whatever device you use for a period of time and write down ideas that might be interesting to explore in the future. Whether it’s a title a topic or a theme it doesn’t matter.

What is the example of dump?

verb. He dumped his clothes on the bed. She dumped the contents of her purse on the table. She dumped her suitcase on the bed.

What is a dump in networking?

A data dump is the transfer of a large amount of data between two systems, often over a network connection. For example, a database can be dumped to another network server, where it could be utilized by other software applications or analyzed by a person.

What is a data dump used for?

A database dump is most often used for backing up a database so that its contents can be restored in the event of data loss. Corrupted databases can often be recovered by analysis of the dump.