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What label to use in an article for a group of equations?

How do you reference an equation in a report?

Equations should be referenced within the text as “Eq. (x).” When the reference to an equation begins a sentence, it should be spelled out, e.g., “Equation (x).” Formulas and equations should be created to clearly distinguish capital letters from lowercase letters.

What is the best way to label equations LaTeX?

If you want LaTeX to automatically number or re-number equations in a document you should insert the text “\label{EqLabel}” after the equation and inside the equation environment, where “EqLabel” is any label you choose, possibly to help you to remember the equation, e.g.

How do you label equations in a research paper?


  1. The equation numbers should be enclosed by parentheses and placed at the right-hand side of the page.
  2. If you are referring to an equation in the text, use eq. (3) (or other abbreviations). If it is the first word in a sentence, capitalize it, i.e., Eq. (3).

Do equations need to be cited?

Figures, tables and equations from another source

If you are referring to a specific figure, table or equation found in another source, place a citation number in brackets directly after its mention in the text, and then use the following notation, including the full details of the source in the reference list.

How do you label equations?

Open your document and select your first equation. On the References tab, click “Insert Caption” from the Captions section of the ribbon. In the Caption pop-up window, select “Equation” next to Label. This sets both the word and the number as the caption.

Should equations be labeled above or below?

If you include tables, figures, and equations in your documents, they should be properly numbered and cross-referenced. By convention, table captions are above the table; figure captions are below the figure, and equation numbers are to the right of the equation.

How do you label chemical formulas?

Quote from video: Once our left side reactants what's that arrow called the keel and then our right side is called our product our product is always our final result which is our right side.

How do you reference an equation in text apa?

8. In APA style, when discussing numbered equations in the text, write out the word “Equation” and give the number. For example, you would write “see Equation 1.”

Where do you put formulas in a report?

IV. Results and Discussion: This section contains the analysis of your experimental data. This analysis should include graphs and charts that display the data and the results of any calculations. Calculations: In this section show any equations that you will be using along with a sample calculation for each.

How do you write a reference in a report example?

For a book, mark down the author, title, place of publication, publisher and copyright date. For an article from a journal, take note of the author, the title of the article, the title of the journal, the volume & issue number, and the date & inclusive page numbers.