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Where to put a large diagram in a thesis?

They recommend that, if the material (a.k.a. figure) being presented is essential for the understanding of the argument, or essential for the conclusions that follow, it should be put in main body of the text, and preferably after its first reference.

Where do figures go in a dissertation?

The List of illustrations will come after the Contents page (on a separate page) and before the Introduction. This page should list the name of each figure of illustration that is included in the body of your dissertation or thesis and then give the number of the page that it appears on.

How do you add a figure to a thesis?

List each new figure caption on a new line and capitalise the start of each word. Write the figure number on the left, then caption label and finally the page number the figure corresponds to on the right-hand side. Apply the same formatting principle to the List of Tables in your thesis of dissertation.

Where do you put a list of figures in a research paper?

Where does your list of figures and tables go? Your list of tables and figures should go directly after your table of contents in your thesis or dissertation.

How do you create a block diagram for a thesis?

Quote from video: Start by drawing a big square to contain the components. The draw each chapter ‘to scale’, writing on each block the purpose and the word counts. Then draw the flow diagram of your thesis underneath: the what, why, how and connect these to your findings and your conclusion.

Does figure go above or below?

Figures are typically read from the bottom up, so captions go below the figure and are left-justified.

How do you reference a diagram in an essay?

The citation would normally be given after the title of the figure, table, diagram, etc.

  1. Example: Figure 1, A four pointed star (Jones, 2015, p. 54).
  2. Example: (Jones, 2015, p.33)
  3. Example:
  4. Example: (United Nations, 1975, cited in Smith, 2016, p.33)

Which comes first list of figures or tables?

The List of Figures is placed immediately after the List of Tables (or if you do not have a List of Tables directly after your Table of Contents.).

How do you label tables and figures in a dissertation?

Tables, figures, illustrations, and other such items should be identified with the word “Table”, “Figure”, or other appropriate descriptor, and include a title and/or caption. The title or caption must be included in the List of Tables, List of Figures, or other list.

Where does list of tables and figures go APA?

You have two options for the placement of tables and figures in APA Style:

  1. Option 1: Place tables and figures throughout your text, shortly after the parts of the text that refer to them.
  2. Option 2: Place them all together at the end of your text (after the reference list) to avoid breaking up the text.

Where do you make a block diagram?

Create a block diagram

  • Click the File tab.
  • Click New, under templates, or categories, click General, and then double-click Block Diagram.
  • From the Blocks and Blocks Raised stencils, drag shapes onto the drawing page.
  • To add text to a shape, select the shape and then type.

What is the difference between flowchart and block diagram?

Block diagram is a generic term. It can be used to show the structure of a computer, a program or almost anything. A flow diagram is a block diagram that is showing either program flow or, more usually, data flow within a process.

Is block diagram and flowchart same?

Block diagrams are made similar to flowcharts. You will want to create blocks, often represented by rectangular shapes, that represent important points of interest in the system from input to output. Lines connecting the blocks will show the relationship between these components.

How do you make a figure for a research paper?


  1. Define the message of each figure. …
  2. Pick the most suitable plot type. …
  3. Be selective. …
  4. Determine an appropriate axis intercept. …
  5. Declutter. …
  6. Choose informative titles for your axes and legends. …
  7. Use a consistent design. …
  8. Decide on a colour palette.

How do you include a picture in a research paper?

There are two ways to organize your images: either place them in your text next to the paragraph where you discuss them (Figure 1), or put them all together at the end of the essay (Figure 2). Images always need captions. Captions should do two things; label the image and tell us the image’s source.

What are figures in a research paper?

Figures can take many forms, such as bar graphs, frequency histograms, scatterplots, drawings, maps, etc. When using figures in a research paper, always think of your reader.

How do you write a list of tables and figures in thesis?

Lists of Tables, Figures, and Illustrations

Include the heading(s) in all capital letters, centered 1″ below the top of the page. Include one double-spaced line between the heading and the first entry. Each entry must include a number, title, and page number.

Which comes first list of figures or tables?

The List of Figures is placed immediately after the List of Tables (or if you do not have a List of Tables directly after your Table of Contents.).

How do you label tables and figures in a dissertation?

Quote from video: Now just like using the styles will enable us to populate the table of contents automatically. If we want to do the same with our lists of figures and lists of tables. Then we need to use the