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Why is the village blacksmith admired?

The smith works an honest job, working from sun up to sun down, working at his own business and not owing a single man. There is also a soft side to the smith; “He goes on Sunday to the church” (25), and he has a daughter who sings at church.

What is the purpose of The Village Blacksmith?

The Village Blacksmith” is a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, first published in 1840. The poem describes a local blacksmith and his daily life. The blacksmith serves as a role model who balances his job with the role he plays with his family and community.

What admirable qualities does The Village Blacksmith possess?

He is a man who seems to have no negative character traits whatsoever. He is incredibly hardworking, he regularly goes to church, he is immensely proud of his daughter when she sings in the village choir, and he still cries over his dear, departed wife. All of these traits point out to his honesty.

What kind of person is The Village Blacksmith?

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the poem “The Village Blacksmith” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the poet describes the blacksmith as a large, strong man with long, black hair and a tan face. … He still grieves for the loss of his wife, throughout all the difficulties and hard work he faces.

What lesson does The Village Blacksmith teach us?

The blacksmith has taught the speaker (and others) the value of hard work, passion, and dedication. Through his actions he has shown the ways to a successful life. Our lives, too, are shaped each day by “each burning deed and thought.”

Why does the poet thank the blacksmith?

Answer: The poet thanks the blacksmith for the ‘lesson’ that he has taught to the poet (and then the poet taught to the readers). Longfellow tells that we should also learn the lesson of hard work from the village blacksmith and never shy away from determination and labour which will eventually build our fortunes.

How do you write the appreciation of the poem The Village Blacksmith?

The poet says that the blacksmith’s his hands are sinewy (powerful) and his muscles are brawny (strong) like iron bands. The blacksmith works tirelessly from morning to evening. Because of his continuous work in his forge, his hair is crisp and oily.

What is the imagery of the poem The Village Blacksmith?

These lines draw an image of how the blacksmith looks like, and how his work and harsh environment has shaped him into how he appears. The poet has tried to give us an image of the blacksmith’s character too, by telling about his lifestyle, where he is honest and religious.