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Guidelines for writing Poems, Stories and Tales

Repeating the appearance of the main character in every book

When should you describe main character’s appearance?

When you introduce a character for the first time, you should focus on the things a person would naturally notice first, such as their face, hair, clothing, voice, and general energy. You can further elaborate on their appearance later when it is relevant, and describe their gait, posture, temperament, and more.

Do I have to describe every character in my book?

You don’t have to give all your description of a character when he or she first arrives on the scene. Instead, scatter brief descriptions throughout multiple scenes. No doubt many of your favorite writers do this. 6.

How do you describe someone’s appearance in a story?

When describing a character’s appearance, only focus on the details which are relevant to the story. So if your character’s going undercover and wearing a short blonde wig, it would be useful to know that their hair is usually long and brown, so their disguise is likely to be somewhat effective.