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Should I write in a style that is more conducive to a situation I am describing or write it the way I normally write?

How do I use conducive in a sentence?

A cozy living room may be conducive to relaxed conversation, just as a boardroom may be conducive to more intense discussions. Particular tax policies are often conducive to savings and investment, whereas others are conducive to consumer spending. Notice that conducive is almost always followed by to.

What design can you give to make your environment conducive to learning?

For example, a quiet corner for students to study, a discussion area for students to have discussions, a fun corner where students can play games, etc. This enables both the students and teachers to better utilise the classroom to facilitate the learning and teaching process.

What is to be conducive to?

Conducive means tending to cause or produce something. Regular exercise is conducive to happiness and a feeling of well-being. This adjective is usually followed by the preposition to, and it refers to bringing about something favorable or helpful: A positive attitude is conducive to good health.

Why is it important to have a conducive learning environment?

Research has shown that an engaged learning environment increases students’ attention and focus, promotes meaningful learning experiences, encourages higher levels of student performance, and motivates students to practice higher-level critical thinking skills.

How do you write conducive?

The conditions were hardly conducive to success.

What is a synonym for the word conducive?

synonyms for conducive

  • helpful.
  • useful.
  • accessory.
  • calculated to produce.
  • contributive.
  • contributory.
  • leading.
  • productive of.

What describes a conducive learning environment?

Having a comfortable physical space where children are able to sit comfortably, see and understand what their teacher is saying, as well as socialise with their fellow classmates is one of the major components of a conducive learning environment.

What does conducive for learning mean?

: making it easy, possible, or likely for something to happen or exist — + to. The school tries to create an atmosphere (that is) conducive to learning. [=an atmosphere that makes learning easier]

What is a conducive learning environment?

1. A setting which allows for a free exchange of ideas, thoughts and skills among the teachers and learners to achieve the expected educational goals by considering the physical, psychological, social, and cultural needs of all the learners.

How can I use it in a sentence example?

We commonly use the pronoun it as both a subject and an object pronoun:

  1. Don’t drink the milk. It smells terrible.
  2. Has anyone seen my phone? I can’t find it anywhere.
  3. That furniture is lovely. It isn’t too expensive for us, is it?
  4. You know the flat with three bedrooms by the supermarket?

How do you use to in a sentence examples?

We can use to as a preposition to indicate a destination or direction: We’re going to Liverpool next week. Does he want to come to the park with us? The dog ran to us as soon as we arrived.

How can I use in a sentence?

A sentence follows Subject + Verb + Object word order. He (subject) obtained (verb) his degree (object).